Troubleshooting and Repair

Dealing With High Energy Bills in Bernardsville & Hillsborough Township, NJ?

You might need roofing or solar panel repairs

If your energy bills keep climbing every month, chances are you're dealing with a roofing or solar panel issue. Call on the experts at Positive Energy Solutions for professional troubleshooting and repair services. We'll assess your solar panel system and your roofing structure to pinpoint any issues, then we'll get to work resolving the problem. With our help, you'll notice a decrease in your energy spending month after month.

Call now for roofing or solar panel repair services in Bernardsville & Hillsborough Township, NJ.

Ways we can help

Since your roof plays such a big role in your home's energy efficiency, it must remain in top condition. Positive Energy Solutions can provide the repairs you need for your:

  • Roof: roof leak repairs, flashing repairs, roof replacements, skylight repairs
  • Solar panels: solar inverter repair, wiring replacements, optimizer replacements, microinverter replacements, full system inspections and maintenance
  • We will handle the entire RMA process for equipment covered under warranty

Brands we work with: Enphase, Solar Edge, SMA, Fronius, Aurora, SunPower, Xantrex, Solectria, Solivia

Schedule your roof leak or solar inverter repair today. We'll gladly provide you with a free estimate.

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