About Us

Born and Raised in New Jersey & New York

We are born and raised in New Jersey and we learned about quality workmanship and work ethic from a young age. From time to time we share experiences with one another about what our grandfathers and fathers have taught us about construction and being resourceful. We are proud of our experiences and what we have built together in the Garden and Empire State. Quality, knowledge, safety, and energy are the ingredients to building a powerful, positive and reliable business for everyone to appreciate.

Level of Experience

  • 20+ years of roofing and solar experience
  • Years of consulting experience for numerous successful solar companies
  • Project management in all fields of the industry
  • NABCEP certified resources

Solution Focused

  • Our goal is to solve the customer's issue(s) on our 1st visit
  • We are geared toward final solutions rather than temporary fixes.
  • We find issues before they get out of control preventing further damage.

Example: Insufficient panel spacing or gaping may lead to broken panels.